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He was never truly sure how he had come into the world and when he has asked, it wasn’t the answer he had been expecting. His uncle had told him that babies came from two adults having sex.

“But not you baby, you were special.” He said, looking down at the child with soft eyes, stroking his hair. They stood in the kitchen as he made the child something to eat. “You were made by magic.”
“The magic of love right?” he asked his uncle, looking up at him with curious eyes. He was met with a look of pure confusion and concern from the bigger man. His almost black eyes were fixed on the child, an eyebrow raised.
“What are you, gay?”

His father had never really been able to fully explain it to him either. All he told him was that his daddy had wish so very hard for him that one day, he just appeared in his arms like a little angel. He had never really liked that answer either. It seemed forced from the truth, but his father never really told him the full truth.

His father, Bomber, was an elegant and slender man with sandy dark colored skin. He had sharp features with long black hair that reached down to the small of his back and was always so incredibly soft. A single white streak about an inch or so wide fell over his left eye most of the time, even when he had his hair back. His eyes were a piercing yellow color and from time to time he could have sworn that the pupils were slits. Bomber always wore the same clothes every day. A silk black kimono, or that was what he called it, with red trim and a gold rope tie and black cotton pants. He never wore a shirt and never wore shoes. His long nails were naturally pure black and sharpened into natural claws. His chest and arms were covered in scars ranging in size and depth. Some were light while others were still raging red, like they had just happened. This never really seemed to bother him, but what he found the most striking about his father’s appearance were his ears and tail. He had silky cat ears and a long fluffy cat tail that peered out from under the bottom of his kimono. They both had matching black and neon green stripes. Bomber had told him that he was something called a Cheshire Cat. He wasn’t sure how it was possible for him to be a cat, but since he had a matching set of ears and tail, he couldn’t really argue.

His daddy also never gave him a real answer when he had asked where he had come from. His daddy told him it was because of his father that he was there because he had wanted to have a son so badly.

His daddy, Xamu, was the opposite of his father. A tall man that towered over the world at an impossibly high height. He had a strangely muted tan toned skin that had almost a gray toned to it. He was large in the sense that he was made of pure muscle. He had strange hair that looked like a black and purple striped raccoon tail that fell over his shoulder. He had two different colored eyes, one black with a white pupil and the other neon blue; like his own. He was also covered in scars, but his own were much deeper and darker then Bomber’s. He wore different clothes, but always tall boots and tight pants along with a bright neon green collar that he never took off. He said that if he took it off, his head would fall off.

He never really wondered why he had two men for parents or that it was strange, he never had anyone to tell him that it was strange. He didn’t have any friends his own age, or any friends for that matter. He spent all of his time with his Uncle and Aunt in a rundown apartment building. But when he wasn’t with them, he was with his dog. Nugget was a dog fit for his daddy. He was huge compared to him, with a black and white body and golden-brown markings. His fur was long and fluffy and he was always warm which was nice because he didn’t seem to be able to retain his own heat.

Now the strange boy that didn’t know where he had come from stood in front of the mirror in his room. He spent a lot of his time standing there, just staring into the reflection. His short ruffled black hair stood straight up and at the same time tried to flop over his face at every given second. His skin matched his father’s while his eyes were a striking bright neon blue that almost seemed to always be glowing. He was terribly thin but he never seemed to be able to gain weight no matter how much he ate. He had his father’s sharp features along with his own striped cat ears and tail, only his were a very pale silver and bright blue. He reached up towards the mirror and lightly put a hand on the cool surface, eyes turning towards the black leather cuffs on his wrists. He had always had them, like his daddy had always had the collar. He never really questioned it, just knowing that they were there for a reason.

Staring for a long time, he sighed and walked towards his large bed, crawling up onto it. He looked towards his window sill where a small flower sat. He had been trying to nurse it back to life since he had found the poor thing. It was a soft blue bell like flower that didn’t seem to want to not droop. He moved to sit up on his knees and cupped his hands over the flower before whispering to it sweet little words, having read somewhere that talking to plants would make them grow.

“Archimedes!” his father called from the first floor, making him look up at the sound of his name. “Come down! It’s time for dinner!”

“I’ll be right there!” he called back before looking back at the plant. He bit his lower lip very lightly as his ears twitched ever so slightly at nothing before he held up a hand and took in a deep breath and closed his eyes.

“Water, my friend, my partner, my world, the only thing I ask for you is for a little control.”

After a long moment of nothing, he sighed and opened his eyes, sagging a little in his bed. Looking at his hand his eyebrows furrowed. It was unfair that his father could do magic but he couldn’t. Just as he was about to get up, he felt something pulling at his stomach that made him lurch forward into the window, knocking his plant to the ground. He barley even noticed though as he started to gag and gasp, but the only thing that filled his lungs was water. I whipped around and fell off the bad, landing on his knees as he watched water gush from his mouth, hands, and soon his eyes as his vision completely disappeared. He tried to scream, tried to cry out, to do anything to get the water to stop before he lost consciousness. Distantly he could hear a shout before it all seemed to come to a stop, arms wrapping around him and pulled him off the ground. It wasn’t long till he lost his breath completely and was out.

When Arch awoke it was with a rasping gasp of a breath. His eyes flew open as tried to drink in as much air as he possibly could. He gripped to the surface beneath him, trying to figure out where he was. He was still in his room, but now he was flat on his bed. His hair was soaking wet but his clothes were dry. Trying to come to a real conclusion as to what had happened, his mind was working too slow and yet so fast at the same time. What had happened exactly? Had he done magic for the first time? Had it backfired so hard that he had almost drowned himself?

As his mind slowly started to calm, he became aware of voices coming from outside his door. He paused to listen to them, breathing much slower and more controlled. His dad’s talked outside his door that was slightly a jar. He could hear them but not make out what they were saying.  Closing his eyes, he slowly started to sit and slid his legs off of the bed. When his world didn’t start spinning or filled with water again, he pushed himself quietly off of the bed and onto the only slightly damp ground. Slowly sliding towards the door, he pressed against the wall against it and held his breath to listen.

“-going to get hurt.” His father said, concern filling his soothing voice.

“And sending him to that place isn’t going to get him hurt?” Daddy replied, a deep barrel chested voice resonating with a hint of anger.

“Yes!” the sound of footsteps followed the sharp word. “Yen Sid is an incredibly reasonable man.”

“He wasn’t so reasonable when you two were growing up.

“That was a very long time ago, Xamu and you know that!” again footsteps. His father was probably pacing. That’s what he did when he was stressed out about something or upset at his daddy. There was a very long silence before he could hear a sigh and his father spoke again. “As much as you don’t want to let him go… You can’t teach him what he needs to know.”

“So why won’t you?” He could hear approaching footsteps before they paused and his daddy’s voice got very quiet with an almost loving tone in his voice. “Why won’t you teach him to control it? He’s your son.”

“No.” there was the sound of skin slapping across skin. “He’s your son, Xamu. You know I’m not staying in this world much longer and I will be damned over again if I leave him alone here with you.”

Arch didn’t need to hear anything else. His eyes shot open as he slowly looked up at the ceiling trying to register it all. He didn’t really understand what his father meant when he said he was Xamu’s son. Of course he was, he was both of theirs…. But Bomber had said no. Slowly walking back towards his bed, he curled up under the blankets, his mind playing catch up. Tears started to leak down his cheeks as the words resonated in his ears. His father was leaving and taking him away from his daddy. He was going to go somewhere and be with this man named Yen Sid… who ever that was.

He didn’t want to go. He didn’t want to leave his family behind. As tears slightly ran down his face, the door creaked open a little further. The sound of claws tapping against the wood floor could be heard before the bed creaked under the weight of the creature that curled up next to him. Arch rolled over and wrapped his arms around the large dog’s neck and pressed his face into his fur, his voice broken as he cried. He couldn’t say a thing, but his chest felt like it was tight and his face felt hot from the tears.

“Nugget,” he finally was able to squeak out. “Don’t let them take you away from me.”
Rise Of An Angel: Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Where Do Babies Come From?

Starting to work on Arch's back story. Here's where we're going to begin <3
Arch is about 5 in this.

Arch, Bomber, Xamu, and Nugget all belong to me.
Graverobber belongs to Lionsgate
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Journal History

I have a question for EVERYONE I've EVER gotten art from.
I recently opened a character art account on FA and it's REALLY hard to go through all the usernames that I have and ask everyone individually.


For art that I've received from other people, is it okay if I upload the pictures that I've gotten from you as along as I credit you and link back to the original if it's still online?

Thank you everyone and I hope to hear from you.



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